Scratch Books presents:

Scratches, an English language comics magazine with the emphasis on Dutch and Flemish artists that will appear once a year.

In the springtime of 2014, Scratch Books, a comics and graphic novels publishing house, was founded by Wiebe Mokken in Amsterdam. Hansje Joustra (former Oog & Blik) is the editor.

Scratch intends to deliver sublime work, well presented. Scratch focuses on the Dutch language market. Dutch and Flemish comics are strongly linked by their shared language and market. For the continuity of Dutch comic culture, Scratch finds it important that Dutch language authors reach an international market as well. To provide Dutch language authors with a broader platform, Scratch will publish a yearly magazine titled Scratches, which will feature work by both upcoming and established artists. 

Scratches will publish Dutch artists (1/3), Flemish artists (1/3) and international artists (1/3). Apart from the presented comics, the magazine will publish articles on masters of the trade; known greats like Mark Smeets and Frans Masereel, as well as a forgotten heroes such as Bruno Schulz.

The 120-page magazine will be printed in a format of 23x33cm, so it does justice to the graphic qualities of its content. Inserted into the magazine is a smaller size 17x24cm comic book in which new talents will find their way to an international audience.

For this magazine project Hansje Joustra will team up with internationally acclaimed comics author Joost Swarte.

The first issue is scheduled to appear in the fall of 2015. The second issue will be published in October 2016, just before the Frankfurt Book Fair, which will focus on Dutch and Flemish literature.


Hansje Joustra

Joost Swarte

Scratch Books

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About Scratch

Over Scratch

Scratch, gevestigd in Amsterdam, is een nieuwe uitgeverij van stripboeken en graphic novels die zich richt op het uitgeven van kwalitatief hoogwaardige en goed verzorgde boeken. Volgens Scratch is daar in Nederland en België grote behoefte aan. Scratch geeft boeken uit van binnen- en buitenlandse auteurs. Daarnaast is er ruimte voor het uitgeven van stripklassiekers en debuterende auteurs.